Thursday, August 22, 2013

Go For The Gold

The Summer Olympics in Rio are just under 3 years away, but embrace your fashion olympian, and go for the gold with these bold gold accessories!

Kamryn Dame has an organic approach to this trend with this nugget-inspired design.

This bold Givenchy cuff is a perfect example of how to incorporate the Figaro chain link trend in a unique way.

Don't leave your fingertips out of the game! These nails could be a major accessory to any great outfit! But a word of caution -- these bold tips can't play second fiddle, so go easy on the rings and bracelets if you try this look.

Speaking of rings....
...this Marc by Marc Jacobs  Metal Rock gold tone ring is a great statement piece.

These bold-gold-soled Chanel pumps make any outfit a first place finish. Just keep it simple with the rest of your look so everyone can bask in all their golden glory!

Topshop's Large Link Chain Necklace is a piece so versatile it can be paired with a t shirt 
like this Linen V-Neck tee by Calypso St. Barts...

.....or with a simple dress like Diane Von Furstenberg's Saturn Dress

... nab any of these accessories, and you're looking at a place atop the medal stand in the Fashion Olympics! Share your favorite bold gold accessories with me in the comments section!

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  1. Love that ring! It will definitely grab some attention!