Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend Quick Fix: The Poncho

The weekend is here! And with the holidays approaching, its likely that gatherings of family, friends and loved ones are just around the corner. With all of the catching up to look forward to, who has time to stress and agonize over the perfect look that will be captured in loads of photos? Enter the quick fix... the PONCHO! This versatile wardrobe staple can take you from day to night! You will dazzle your adoring fans... and perhaps win over some new ones. The best part? Due to its free flowing nature, no one can tell if you've had an extra slice of pie!

Brunch With Family

Brunch? Stuffy? Not on your life! This eclectic mix will be admired by everyone from your grandmother to your 14-year old niece.

Carolyn Roumeguere 'Oslo' Poncho, Nouvelle Women's nouv-elle Large Statement Necklace, Jigsaw Velvet Jeans in Aubergine, Paula Cadematerie 'Anna' Clutch, Steve Madden 'Studlyy' Flats

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lay It on Thick.... Or Thin

Its that time of year. Snow. Rain. Wind. Colder-than-average temps... its tempting to pull out the tweed, cashmere, and chunky knits and let your favorite spring and summer  pieces go by the wayside. Well, before you pack away your favorite pieces and pine for warmer climes, try layering pieces in your wardrobe for a look that's a little unexpected and best of all.... seasonally appropriate!

How to Transition a Summer Dress

Start with....

A blouse like this navy plait-shouldered blouse from Vila...


A summer dress like this striped one from Almari...

Top it off with...
A cozy zippered faux fur vest like this one from Vince Camuto...

For finishing touches...season it up with....

Gray herringbone knit tights like this pair from The Gap..... and some ankle boots like this interesting pair from Aldo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Come Through in the Clutch

A clutch is chic. Bold. Front-and-center. It instantly elevates any look.... but let's be honest... in the middle of shopping, working, or running errands...or even holding a plate of appetizers at a chic soiree, what's a girl to do when she needs both hands free. Never fear, The convertible clutch is here! If you need to go hands free, just pull out the strap!

 The Juliana Convertible Clutch from Banana Republic is a sizeable yet chic option, large enough for those days where you need to carry your tablet on the go.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Go For The Gold

The Summer Olympics in Rio are just under 3 years away, but embrace your fashion olympian, and go for the gold with these bold gold accessories!

Kamryn Dame has an organic approach to this trend with this nugget-inspired design.

This bold Givenchy cuff is a perfect example of how to incorporate the Figaro chain link trend in a unique way.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Warriors: Daytime

...last minute invitation to a concert...a housewarming... a party... what's a girl to wear?! If you're like me, half of your clothes are in the laundry basket, the other half are in the cleaners... and the rest?? The rest are the same clothes you push past week after week, as you think... "I need to go shopping!" But the perfect outfit is probably not far away. Here is one of CFF's fail-safe Weekend Warrior Wardrobe solutions.

Last minute lunch with a friend

You're lounging in your sweats with a bowl of snacks, prepared to catch up with your favorite shows on the DVR, and your phone chirps...your best friend calls you for a last-minute lunch date! Yes.. you'd like to go, but the thought of putting on something without an elastic waistband is giving you hives. Here's how to be casual and comfortable without sporting that I-just-rolled-off-the-couch-and-and-pulled-on-some-clothes-look.... even if you did.

The Key pieces:

  1. A Cozy Sweater

Think of this as your answer to the sweatshirt. Comfy, yet pulled together, this cozy topper will solve weekend wardrobe woes! Not likely to wrinkle, and in a goes-with-anything neutral, a choice like this Irregular Stripes Sweater from Mango will be a staple for lunch, brunch and coffee runs!

2. Comfy Jeans

Yes, we know. We've all seen those magazines that recommend a dress as a chic daytime alternative to get out of the weekend rut. And that's a fantastic idea... but the other 90% of your weekends will be spent in this all-american classic! Now this is not an excuse to pull out some jeans that have been through yard work, house work, and two decades of wear! These jeans should look broken in, but have a modern fit and feel. Try on some like these 1969 Always Skinny Jeans by Gap. They might just become your secret weekend wardrobe weapon.

     3. Stylish Sneaks

Just because its the weekend doesn't mean you need to reach for your cross trainers! For a low-key daytime look that still has some panache, give some zippy sneakers a go! A pair like these Combined Sneakers from Zara are sure to give some on-the-go glam to your weekend look.

4. Grab-and-go Tote

Because after lunch with your friend, you never know where the afternoon will take you, this stylish tote allows you to pack that library book that you've been meaning to return, your Kindle to keep you busy (once you return the library book) and that mail that you've been meaning to drop in to the post office. The punchy color, and optional shoulder strap makes a bag like this Marc by Marc Jacobs  Preppy Nylon Hobo bag the perfect weekend carry-all.